Saturday, May 23, 2015

Write of Way

Author's note: Where have I been? Sorry for the inconvenience of taking a few weeks off, but it looks like nobody missed me... Yeah, I had a break down. Nobody comments on my blog. Not that they hey! Come one people! Anyway, lets talk about what books to read. There are tons.
                                                                                                                                        --Jim Blow

How can you decide what book to read? There are sso many! There are over 129,864,880 books in the world! How can you decide which one to read. Lucky for you, there's a code!

Jim Blow's Guide to Deciding What to Read. or JBGDW

1. What's the cover like?
People say to never judge a book by its cover, but that's a lie. Every time you grab the book, you'll see that cover. What thoughts will it arise in your mind? Do you really want that?

2. Is it an intriguing title?
Lame titles make you gag. You don't want to be seen reading something stupid. When people ask you what you are reading, what are you going to say? Uh huh.

3. How are the illustrations?
First off, do you want illustrations? Next, if there are illustrations, are they well done. How frequently do they show up throughout the book? Remember, pictures of scenes/people may enter your brain. It limits your creativity. No longer will you imagine the character how you wanted to, but now you see them as the illustrator saw them. (Movies have the same effect).

4. Who wrote it?
Some authors, frankly, just can't write. They really are awful at it. If the illustrations, cover, and title are excellent, great! Who wrote it? If it's the author of another book you read--one you hated--do you really want to read this one?

5. How long is it?
Are you in the mood for an hour-long read, or a month-long? How fast can you read? This is important to look at. If your book report is due in a week, don't check out a book that will take you a year to finish.

6. Is there a movie?
Have you seen the film-version? Not much can be judged from the movie. If the movie is awful, the book could be good. Or vice versa. If you saw the movie, the actors will be how you picture the characters in the book.

7. What's on the first page?
Take a peek into the first couple pages. You should get hooked on it. Is the opening interesting, or boring? Likely, the first page or so will give you a feeling for the author's writing style, and what the book will be like.

8. How's the author's bio?
Flip to the back cover of the book, inside flap. There should be a picture of the author, and a short biography about him. Read it. Did he write it personally? Or did somebody else? Now ask yourself if it's funny, or if there is something in there that catches your attention, like where he grew up.

9. What's the book about?
Another way to find out what the book is about is to flip to the inside of the front cover. A short synopsis can be found here. Spoilers. Does the plot sound entertaining?

10. Is it a pop-up?
Now ask yourself if it is a pop-up book. If it is, disregard rules 1-9. Read the book no matter what. It's a pop-up for crying out loud! Awesome.

11. THE UNWRITTEN RULE, which I'm writing down so...
If the ten rules are too much to remember, and you don't actually care, follow my one solid guideline. Only read Jim Blow's stuff.

Just remember, when trying to decide what to read, there's a system about it. Some books take priority over others.

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