Thursday, December 3, 2015


Why is it kids won't eat their fruits and veggies? We'll answer one of those right now!
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Today we'll look into the phenomenon that is: Why kids won't eat their fruits.

Fruits are hard to eat! They taste dandy and all, but they're so much work!
Lets look at 4 specifically.

The banana: Always bruised and mushy! And seriously, that peel? If it doesn't open first try, it's going back on the shelf. And what's this cabooti about it opening better bottoms up? Honestly. Way too much work to differentiate one end from the other, deal with wiggling it open, and then smoosh it between your fingers. Gross.

The orange: The peel takes an hour to penetrate, and for what? Mom asks why the orange is sitting there half peeled, and uneaten. I'll tell you why. I got bored. The orange takes too much valuable time for a very little amount of profit.

The pomegranate: Yum! I love this fruit so much, but only if I don't have to peel it! Similar to the orange (except the peel is bigger!) Grrr! And if this problem isn't enough, how do you eat it? There are so many ways. You can eat it like an orange, spoon it into a bowl, eat it like a melon, or whatever. That's a lot of thinking to try to figure out how to eat it, after laboriously opening it.

The berry: Rasberries, Blackberries, Strawberries. Solid. Straight off the vine. The only problem here is the long hours walking the rows to pick them all, and you still don't actually get them all. Then there's the ones in the dirt. (tear). And after you have to decide to freeze, jam, fresh, or whatever.

That's why we don't eat fruits, mom.

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