Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Not much of a poem writer, but I think I'll give one a whirl.
Be kind.


the Book Creator

I title my thoughts,
and open a world.
A character's sought,
then a theme unfurled.
The story begins.

I set the scene,
and pose a problem.
A future's foreseen,
then main character blossoms.
The story rises.

I kill a character,
and change the rules.
A villain turns predator,
then the heroes made fools.
The story shifts.

I twist the plot,
and seek a mentor.
A truth is wrought,
then there's a war.
The story peaks.

I distort the odds,
and battle the hero.
A strategy's thawed,
then the villain's a zero.
The story resolves.

I celebrate the star,
and make them awaken.
A happy moment's disbarred,
then a new quest undertaken.
The story ends.

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