Saturday, April 25, 2015

Playing Reality

Author's Note: I had a crazy dream last night up on a camp out. Directing this play, some things happened. I've tweeked it, and put it here in a story.
--Jim Blow

Playing Reality
Director Charles Everton stepped off the stage, calling for the play to be done from the top. The actors on stage groaned. They'd been rehearsing for hours, and were in dire need of a break. Charles didn't listen, this was his play, and it was going to be perfect! He'd written the play himself, and loved it.
The play was another Cinderella spin-off. Currently, the scene being rehearsed was of the Prince finding Cinderella. She was down among the lentils, that hadn't been picked up yet.
Lights dimmed, and the scene played.

"My dearest Cinderella! It is you!" Prince Charming exclaimed.
"Yes." Cinderella said, smiling.
Prince Charming stepped toward his bride-to-be. His foot landed on the lentils, and he slipped. With a hard thud, the actor landed on his crown.

The play stopped. People rushed to the actor's aid. With a little help, he stood up.
"Who are you?" he asked, holding his pounding head.
"Us? We're the Stage Crew! Are you all right?" one crew member asked.
"Stage Crew? What is that? My name is Prince Charming! I demand to be released. Stand back you fiends!"
With that the actor jumped to his feet, swishing his pretend sword through the air, and turned around. In a flash he had grabbed Cinderella and fled the stage.
The assistant director ran up to the director. "What just happened? What do we do?"
Charles Everton shook his head. "When Charming hit his head, he must have become dillusional. He now believes he is actually Prince Charming, and not just an actor!"

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