Saturday, April 18, 2015

Who Would Win

Author's Note: For some strange reason, people have a tendency to ask stupid questions. Yeah, I know. One of their favorite questions is: Why? Another common question, one I will actually address in this post, is: Who Would Win...
Prepare to have your mind blown, because I know exactly who would win in a fight between anybody and anybody else.
--Jim Blow

Who Would Win In A Fight?
By Jim Blow

People love people. No, not real people, characters. They'll take their two most treasured--and often powerful--characters, and wonder to the world which of them would win. This question is asked so often because there is pretty much an infinite number of Character Combinations.
Other times they'll take a really good character, and a really bad character, and ask who would win. This is called Sarcasm. It is stupid in this scenario.Back to who would win.
For selfish reasons, I'll use to of my own characters as examples.

Who Would Win In A Fight, Bromet or Redfang?
(Who are these characters? Visit to learn more.)
The answer isn't very complex, but it boggles people's minds. They write page after page, post after post, about who they think should win. These beliefs are all biased. According to a renowned author...that may or may not be me...95% of the people vote for their favorite character to win. So does it really matter? The question is useless. Why not just ask who they like better? The answers will correspond with one another either way you put it.
There is a right answer, though. I'll use the example of Star Wars this time. Who would win, Qui Gon Jinn, or Darth Maul. There is a wrong answer. Most people would vote for the Jedi--come on, it's Liam Neeson, and he's sick--but we all know that the battle actually occurred, and Maul won. Nerds argue that, if only the circumstances had been different,
Garbage. What do I say about garbage? "Take your garbage and leave!" --Jim Blow
After all this, and more, has been said and done, you're still wondering what the point is. I keep leading up to revealing the point of my Who Would Win blog post, and then diverting. Let me explain.
I'll use the example of The Murder Mystery at the Murder Mystery by Brian Taylor. Look it up. In the play, Brian, who plays Brian--it's a very confusing play--mentions that *SPOILER* he is the murderer. How? Because he wrote the play, and he controlled who lived, and who died.
Understand? Most likely you're more confused than before.
Let me put it simply.

Who Would Win In A Fight?
Answer: Whoever the writer wants to win.

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