Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adventure of Timo

Timo is a fictional character created and owned by Jim Blow. He is an infant who is wiser than most adults.

Timo looked upward, clenching and unclenching his tiny prepubescent hands. That was it! The horrible mechanical monster had bested him for the last time. Timo was sick and tired of the rectangular box eating all of his bread. The horrible machine sucked up his bread and then refused to return it for several minutes. Finally, Timo would wack it with his wooden spoon, and the horrible creature would spit his bread out, but the bread would often be black, or solid. That wouldn't do, Timo preferred his bread to be soft and chewable for his three tiny teeth.
The young child glared at his reflection in the metallic box. It had eaten his breakfast for the last time. Timo tightened the blanket cape that hung around his neck, and gave his space goggles a tightening--though they still were too big for him. With that, Timo grabbed his wooden spoon, and launched himself onto the counter.
With one large swoosh, Timo wacked the bread-eating monster with his spoon. The creature gave a horrible groaning noise, before keeling over, falling from the counter top. Its tail shot sparks as it went. When the monster landed on the floor, it squealed and launched Timo's bread out, coughing up a large cloud of smoke.
Timo had won!
Just then Timo's mom walked in. "Timo!" his mom shrieked, pointing at the beast. "Did you kill that?"
Timo nodded proudly. His mom just frowned. "Darn it Timo! Now I have to get another one!"
That didn't make sense, who would want a new monster? When one is slain, the people should be happy, not upset. This was out of the normal. His mom must be one of the alien fiends!
Timo's mom pulled out her phone. "Honey? Yeah, we need to buy a new toaster."

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