Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stars and Darkness

There are those who see Stars, and those who see the Darkness between them.
--Jim Blow

There is so much to see in the world. And there is opposition in all things.

People can look up into the night sky and see so much. Although the quote above depicts two options: Stars or Darkness, this is actually just a Black & White Fallacy. There are more kinds of people!

Including, and not limited to:

Star-gazer: Someone who sees the good. They look up into the night sky and feel good. The longer they look at the goodness of the light, the longer they want to be in it, and the more stars they can observe in the sky. They know the goodness of the light of the stars goes on virtually forever.

Darkness: Someone who sees the bad. They look up into the night sky and find themselves full of hate. The longer they look at the evil in darkness, the more they feel used to it. It becomes their focal point. The stars irritate them, because it is ever-reminding them of what they don't have. They know the evil in darkness, and use excuses like pollution of human-error to explain why they don't see the good in the light.


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