Monday, June 13, 2016

Academy of Heroes 2

Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be heroes.
But a scale has two sides. And where there's good, there must be evil.
Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be villains.

The heroes-in-training were called Eldritch
And the villains-to-be, Obviators

Jim Blow's HERO ACADEMY p2

"Good morning, Flynn." a man with a deep voice began. "Sorry about your head, but we needed you to come with us."
Flynn blinked in the darkened warehouse. He couldn't be completely sure where he was. There was a sound of rushing water nearby, which meant this warehouse was near some body of water. Or somebody was using the restroom rather loudly.
"Flynn, you've been studying the scale of good and evil for sometime. How much do you know about the Obviators and the Eldritch?"
Recognizing the forces being spoken of, Flynn looked up. The man who was talking to him had a bald head and a long, pointed nose. Happiness was absent from the man's wrinkled face, and it looked like this horrible kidnapper hadn't taken a moment to observe the morning like Flynn had.
"Not very much," Flynn began slowly. His speech was slurred, and his head pounded loudly in his ears. "Forces of good and evil. It's a battle that's been raging for centuries."
The man nodded slowly. "Well, Flynn, welcome to the Obviators. I'm Zed."
Flynn frowned. "But you're the villains!"
Zed chuckled slightly, shrugging his shoulders. "And isn't that interesting."
"So what am I doing here?" Flynn asked. His head had stopped throbbing, but some pain was still present. He realized then that his hands were bound behind the small metal chair he was sitting on.
"The Eldritch have grown powerful. The scale is tipping. So, we need to rise to face them. But, we Obviators are growing old. We can't match like we used to. That's where you come in. We're moving to end the Eldritch once and for all. And you, Flynn, will help us."

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