Monday, June 27, 2016

Academy of Heroes 4

Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be heroes.
But a scale has two sides. And where there's good, there must be evil.
Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be villains.

The heroes-in-training were called Eldritch
And the villains-to-be, Obviators

Jim Blow's HERO ACADEMY p4

"All right!" Flynn screamed. "I'll help you."
Zed nodded, turning the blender off. "I hoped you'd change your mind. Today's you're lucky day, Mr. Flynn. You can join the Obviators and keep all of your fingers."
Flynn let out a deep breath of air. He was sweating, and his heart beat against his chest like a mallet on a tough drum.
Zed stood up and left the room, promising to return shortly. As soon as he was gone, Flynn stood up. He'd tied his share of knots, and he recognized--and freed himself from--these makeshift knots rather quickly. As soon as he was free of his binding, Flynn stood up and made a break for the open door.
He'd been right about the body of water, and less right about somebody using the bathroom. This warehouse was placed right beside some lake. Flynn could guess what lake it was, but he had no idea what town he was in.
Just then a plane swooped overhead. Zed looked over at Flynn with a look of pained agony.
"So much for our plans," Zed cried. "The Eldritch are here."
Flynn's gaze shot from his captor to the plane. Something big was about to go down.
"You should've helped us, Flynn. I think you'll find soon enough that you've made a huge mistake." Zed tried, pulling out a weapon and running away.
"Don't count on it," Flynn smiled, watching in amazement as ropes were thrown from the plane, and Eldritch soldiers jumped out. "The heroes are here, Zed."

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