Sunday, July 24, 2016


With arrogant ears, you dont hear much
Through ignorant eyes you cant see far
But unless you overcome such a crutch,
You wont see my emotional scars

You dont understand, though claim to try,
And cant slip through my broken bars
Words mean nothing when your actions lie
You wont see my emotional scars

Betrayal negates your apologies
Heartbreak defies my loss
You know what's carried in the breeze
You can see my emotion scars; they're cross.

My emotional scars now plain to see
My burdens now gladly shared
At long last you've obtained the key,
Yet squander it in stares

You weep for me, when my pain greets your eye
Realization jars
Thats right, you werent there for me
I bear another emotional scar

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