Monday, July 25, 2016

Academy of Heroes 8

Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be heroes.
But a scale has two sides. And where there's good, there must be evil.
Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be villains.

The heroes-in-training were called Eldritch
And the villains-to-be, Obviators


"Who dares disrupt my lunchbreak?" The Overseer bellowed.
Flynn immediately shrunk back, wishing he'd never asked Jed to bring him here.
Jed nudged Flynn forward.
"We found this kid at the Obviator's camp. They were trying to inaugurate him." Jed explained.
"Jed told me that I could be an Eldritch." Flynn said just louder than a whisper.
"Ha! And you can!" The Overseer smiled, turning to face Flynn for the first time.
Flynn perked up. "How!?"
The Overseer scratched at his chin. "Follow me, little boy."
Flynn picked himself up and ran after the Overseer, who marched out of the room.
Jed flashed Flynn a thumbs up. Secretly, though, Jed knew what was about to happen.
There weren't spots on the Eldritch team open.
The Overseer would have to break it to the kid that he couldn't be a Hero.
Heroism isn't for everybody.
Flynn followed the Overseer into another room.
"This is my personal office, Flynn." The Overseer said, moving to a desk.
"It's impressive," Flynn said honestly, curious if he was about to be turned into a hero.
"However, I'm afraid you can't be a hero."
"Wh-Why not!?"
"We don't have room for anymore. And, we aren't heroes to begin with."
"What do you mean?" Flynn asked, stumbling backward.
The Overseer tossed a pin to Flynn. On it was the word: Obviator.
"I'm afraid you just found yourself among the villains. Isn't the world so much better without the heroes? Too bad you never took Zed's offer. Yes, I know the one. Ha! If only you knew how twisted the scales really are."

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