Saturday, September 3, 2016

How Lost Should Have Ended

if it had been written by Jim Blow
*possible Spoilers exist*

The entire series of Lost starts with Jack opening his eyes.
The entire series ends with the team jumping around through time after white flashes, that the show never entirely has them stop.
Well let's be real, the last two season of LOST were a flop on what originated as the greatest show ever made. (why a flop? We can get to my review another day. But basically they had to close on something they hadn't considered. So we got a whole lot all at once. People controlling the island, people who knew about the island, people switching teams left and right, a whole flipping city full of people who have apparently been just chilling here--some of which were on the original plane!--then there was a horrible explanation to the black smoke, and so on.) So here's where my idea comes into play.

One last white flash, and we see Jack open his eyes, he goes tearing through the jungle, and when he comes out of the trees, he sees the plane crash. We end the series back where we started.

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