Monday, August 8, 2016

Academy of Heroes 10

Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be heroes.
But a scale has two sides. And where there's good, there must be evil.
Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be villains.

The heroes-in-training were called Eldritch
And the villains-to-be, Obviators


Flynn walked innocently down the street. He took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. Everything was still around him. Pulling the straps of his backpack tighter over his broad shoulders, Flynn couldn't help but take another breath. The trees lining his walkway rustled slightly in the breeze, and the flowers surrounding the trees' trunks seemed to grow before Flynn's eyes, feasting on the warm sunlight that seeped through the over-hanging tree branches to grasp hold of the Easter-colored petals. Flynn looked down at the green, green grass that covered the ground from one part of land to the next. It was soft, neatly trimmed, and as comfortable as a well-feathered pillow. The scene almost looked animated in how majestic and calm everything was. A cheery bicyclist nodded to Flynn as he passed. Flynn stopped a moment, bending so his face was close to the ground. He examined the small stem of what was to become a brilliant yellow tulip. There was so much potential in yet this tiny bud. At first glance, the plant may have seemed as a thorn among roses, but Flynn's key eye understood that this wasn't a thorn in the roses, but a future sight to behold. The morning sun poured downward upon Flynn's back. In his t-shirt, shorts, and sandals, Flynn wasn't hot beneath the sun's gaze, but rather he felt lifted. Rising again to his full height at nearly six feet, Flynn thought there had never been a morning as peaceful or beautiful as this one. But whether that was so or not, Flynn wasn't enjoying himself like he was before. The fragrance of the day was dampened, somehow. The hope instilled in the sprouting tulip was diminished. Nothing here held the effects they once had. Everything was grayer, and less impressive. Sighing, Flynn walked across the fresh grass, stepping on the tulip as he went. None of it really mattered anymore. He'd killed the heroes and the villains of the story.
Little did Flynn know, the morning was fleeting, and soon the scene that had brought him joy and comfort would strip his mind of anything but remorse and discomfort. For as Flynn took another deep breath of spring air, a black car rumbled down the street toward him. There were three men in this car, and they weren't enjoying the morning like Flynn was. In fact, they were armed. These men were about to wreck the wonderful day for Flynn--and they'd step on the small, sprouting tulip that Flynn had foreseen an instilled hope wherewith.
Yes, little did Flynn know that Obviators were in their recruiting season.
Not all of them had been killed, and now they wanted Flynn to join them because he was a hero. He'd defeated all of the villains, and they wanted him to join them. Besides, the villains would rise again someday.
For now, all was well.

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