Saturday, March 14, 2015

We Put The

Ever notice how things can change dramatically just by adding or subtracting a letter or two? It's definitely true. The simple vowel: 'e' can change from dull math to something exciting to be had with ice cream! Still not convinced?
Lets take a look at some new Quotables!!

We Put the 'E' in Pie! Without us putting that important letter in, you'd be stuck with 3.14.....etc. Understand? It's thanks to wordsmiths things in life are enjoyable. It's thanks to us you can have delicious pies and ice cream, instead of dull math problems.

We Put the 'dumb' in Kingdumb! Not working for you? I'm sure you're thinking hey! That's not how you even spell kingdum! If you were thinking that, then we're in an accord. For after all, you just spelled it wrong too!

We Put the 'T' in Tape! Is tape not just a great invention? It saves you from having to use that annoying sticky glue that gets all over the place! You have us to thank once again. Can you imagine trying to strap things together using a monkey? That would just be awful. It wouldn't work. In fact, that ape might end up pounding you instead of holding together what you wanted.

We Put the 'S' in Scrapbooking! Wait for it. There! Now you get it. Things would get pretty embarrassing without us around, wouldn't you agree? I for one agree with myself. Honestly. If you were going over to your friends house, and they asked if you wanted to see their "Crapbooking", I think you may become antsy, and a little weirded out. I would be. That's why the wordsmiths fixed this, so that instead you can look at all the baby photos of you're friend. (But in all fairness, who wants to see photos either? Just go do something worthwhile! Like Ping-Pong!)

I hope you appreciate us now. These are just four instances where wordsmiths have saved the human race from different forms of agony and embarrassment. Somebody should make us all kings. That would just be great. As kings, we could each have kindomes, and rule over peasants. Have apple juice all day whenever we want. Think of all the possibilities! Please comment below to sign the "Wordsmiths for King" petition drive. Honestly, think of all we do for you.
~Jim Blow (the Soon-To-Be-King)

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