Monday, August 1, 2016

Academy of Heroes 9

Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be heroes.
But a scale has two sides. And where there's good, there must be evil.
Legend has it, there's a school for the truly gifted. For those who want to be villains.

The heroes-in-training were called Eldritch
And the villains-to-be, Obviators


Flynn tore out of the Overseer's office. He made his way down to the plane hanger. A stack of boxes sat against a wall where they'd been unloaded to. Tears streaming from his face, Flynn tore the lid off one of the boxes. Inside was several packages of neatly packed explosives. Flynn pulled several of them out. He ran about the Eldritch base, throwing the bombs everywhere he could. He'd bring the Academy down on top of itself. As the base blew to pieces behind him, Flynn jumped in one of the Eldritch aircrafts.
Taking off away from the exploding base, Flynn couldn't help but think back.
Everything had happened so fast. He hadn't understood any of it. The goodguys were the badguys who destroyed the badguys who were actually goodguys, and the whole world thought the badguys were the goodguys when actually it was the other way around, and the goodguys were actually the badguys. Perhaps the badguys had done some good things, but the goodguys had done some bad, too. And the goodguys who were actually badguys did both good and bad things. However, the badguys who were actually goodguys also did both good and bad things.
So who was who?
What was what?
Flynn rubbed his sleeve against his face, mopping up his confused tears. The Eldritch and Obviators were both gone, and nobody would ever know. There were no Villains anymore, but that meant there were no Heroes anymore, either. Flynn had helped the wrong team to win. But things weren't righted now.
Now there wasn't a society of good-doing Heroes.

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