Saturday, February 28, 2015

Apt with the Arm

Author's Note: Saturdays are the new release date. Why? Because Saturday is a Special Day. Plus since I still have a life, that's my one day off. Although Saturdays are the release date, it doesn't mean another adventure will come out each Saturday for the same stories. This Saturday I'm taking a short break from The Adventures of Ace & Stuart to bring you another new story.
This new story is called Apt With The Arm. A challenge I took while on a business trip in Narnia led to the bringing about of this short story. I don't particularly care if you like the story line or not for this new story. You can't do anything about it. Why? Because I'm an Author, what I say is law.
Still, I hope you enjoy it for the sake of my own sanity. (Something that may be long gone anyway.)
--Jim Blow

Apt With The Arm

By Jim Blow

The people of the small city never asked for any trouble. They lived next to the mountains, and lived completely ordinary lives. Their governor was an ordinary guy, and everybody loved him. Then one day a spaceship crash landed in the city. A male baby was inside. An old couple raised the child, and when he was old enough, they sent him off to school. That’s where people first started poking fun at him.
“Hey weirdo! Alien! Yeah, you! Why are you so weird!” A bully called out.
From that day on, the poor kid knew he was different. He’d never even realized it before. He had one more arm than everyone else. This made him a very good rock climber, and since the town was so close to the mountains, he spent much of his time there. He won competitions easily, but after a few competitions, the people decided not to let him win, because of his unfair advantage with the extra arm. There were a lot of perks to having one more arm than everyone else, but one day, it just became too hard. His adopted parents died, and he was a social outcast.
So, he joined the circus. It was a good life there. People thought he was a freak, but among the circus, he belonged. He travelled all over the country with the circus, doing juggling acts, or just standing and letting people gawk at his extra arm.
One day, a moustached man approached him after the circus performance, and asked if he’d join him. So, the extra-armed alien agreed to join the man with the handle bar moustache.
They sat together in an old stinky apartment. By now, the moustached man had introduced himself as The Terrific and Splendid Marvin. Marvin said he would call the deformed alien Ben. Ben had never had a name before. This excited him greatly, and so Ben readily accepted Marvin as his friend.
“My dear Ben, I have something great for us to do! It is fantastic! Just fit for The Terrific and Splendid Marvin, and his plus one named Ben!” Marvin exclaimed. “Here’s the spill.”
Marvin proceeded to tell Ben about his brand new scheme. They were going to rob a bank. Marvin produced two bandit hats, and the two snuck out at night, and went to the city bank. Alone Marvin wasn’t able to break into the prison, so he let Ben do it. Ben was apt for the mission since he had that extra arm. In no time the twosome had robbed the bank, and were running away from the police. They made it safely back to the apartment. Thus began Ben’s life of crime. His extra arm made it just too easy. Unfortunately he was the only person on the planet with an extra arm, so cops soon had a warrant out for his arrest, knowing he was the alien.
One fateful crime, it all changed for Ben.

Marvin came to Ben, and told him about his brilliant new scheme, to rob the museum of their prized new jewel. They snuck out together, and placed a ladder against the side of the museum. Ben helped Marvin up the ladder with the help of the extra arm, and soon the bandits were on the museum’s roof. Marvin instructed Ben to pry open the hatch that--luckily--was placed right over the diamond. With ease Ben pried off the hatch, and lowered his employer down in. Marvin quickly swiped the diamond, and Ben hoisted him back up. It was a simple job, but they’d be rich.
Marvin and Ben ran like they’d never run before. Then, they came to a giant fence. The cops were right on their tails. Ben helped Marvin up, and then cried for Marvin to help him up. Unfortunately Marvin saw that he no longer needed Ben. He’d only needed him to help him become rich, and now he was. So, with a wink, Marvin jumped off the fence, and left Ben forever.
Marvin used his money to disappear and be free. He could buy almost anything he desired. He got a sweet in a fancy hotel, and had wine every night. He had enormous meals, and comfy rooms. Life was going good for the Terrific and Splendid Marvin. He never thought about Ben again. He just didn’t care. His selfish behavior brought him no great happiness. He always thought he was happy, but he wasn’t really. He would never know what true happiness was.
Ben on the other hand sunk to his knees after being betrayed by the person he thought was his friend. When the cops came, they shot him on the spot. Life was better for everyone it seemed--except for Ben, whose life ended--and all was at peace. No longer was there a criminal in the world that had one more arm than everyone else. A month later, an autopsy was being performed on Ben. Using the developed science they had, people were able to find out a great deal about the alien named Ben. They found the noticeable things, the things nobody could ever know, and the strange phenomenon of the extra arm.
A research scientist came to collect all the data on Ben. The coroner gave it to him.

Ben (the extra armed alien)
Eyes: blue weight: 175 pounds
Hair: short black Organs: in order
Height: 5’ 11’’ Arms: two

The scientist thanked the coroner, and left.

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